About Cookies (Kakor)

This website uses cookies.

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone, containing information. The information from cookies is normally used to improve the website for the user.

There are two types of cookies:

  1. Permanent Cookie: Remains on the visitor's computer for a predetermined period.
  2. Session Cookie: Temporarily stored in the computer's memory while a visitor is on a web page. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser.

How We Use Cookies

Our website uses both permanent cookies and session cookies. Among other things, cookies are used to measure traffic, for example, to see which pages have been visited on the website.

Summary of the Website's Cookies

Sitevision is the website's publishing tool and creates these cookies for visitors' browsers:

  • JSESSIONID: Used to tie the user to a session (your visit). The cookie disappears when you close your browser.
  • SiteVisionLTM: Used by our cloud configuration of the website, Sitevision Cloud. This cookie keeps track of which backend server the client should communicate with.
  • sv-cookie-consent: Used for cookie consent.
  • ___vizzit: A permanent cookie that sets a unique ID number and timestamp. The cookie expires one year from when it was set or last updated.

Vizzit is a statistics and maintenance tool. It collects anonymised information about how visitors use our website. The information from the Vizzit cookie helps us improve and further develop the website for the best possible visitor experience.

Disabling Cookies

In your browser, you have the option to limit how cookies are stored on your computer. You can set whether cookies should be stored automatically, whether you want to give your consent when a website requests to store a cookie, or whether cookies should not be stored on your computer.

If you choose to disable cookies, some functionality may cease to work on the website.

More Information About Cookies

For more information about cookies, see www.pts.se/cookies.