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In Ljungandalen, we have understood the value of living close to nature and living off what nature provides since time immemorial. Now, we are writing the beginning of a new chapter, where we let wind and water lay the foundation for a new circular economy. It is a further development of the strong entrepreneurial spirit that has built communities around forestry, the railway, and our industries.

Over the next few years, 500 to 1000 new jobs will emerge, and we are fully planning to welcome 2000 new residents. Are you one of them?

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Site Alby - The Hub of the New

Site Alby is a 145-hectare area about 10 minutes from Ånge where an industrial park is currently being planned. At its heart is one of the world's largest hydrogen factories, around which other establishments are planned. Industries that live in symbiosis, where one’s by-product becomes the raw material for another. A circular approach aimed at minimising waste. The largest raw material is locally produced, renewable electricity.

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Good Neighbours

In Ånge municipality, there are already everything from world-leading industries to small businesses and cultural entrepreneurs. What is common is that we stand up for each other. Together, we help each other to build the future Ånge, and here there is a culture marked by open doors and accessibility.

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The Forces of Nature

We have what other growth regions demand: renewable energy. About 15 km from Alby is the Tovåsen grid station, which today can generate 750 MW of hydro and wind power. With planned wind power expansion, capacity will increase to 1500 MW, equivalent to 1-2 nuclear reactors or Stockholm's annual electricity consumption.

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A Larger Context

In Västernorrland and along the High Coast, there is long experience in the practical handling of international logistics. Several foreign-owned industrial companies here send goods and products all over the world. And large quantities of goods produced in mines and other heavy industries from northern Sweden also pass through here. Demand for the region’s infrastructure has therefore ensured a well-developed network of roads, railways, ports, logistics centres, and airports. Everything to enable a smooth flow of materials and goods.